Rendez-vous in Mayotte

  • The S-Pass reservation - Mayotte

    The S-Pass reservation - Mayotte

    © C.Caméo - CDT Mayotte

  • The Mont Choungui - Mayotte

    The Mont Choungui - Mayotte

    © CDT Mayotte

  •  Mayotte


    © C.Caméo - CDT Mayotte

  • The lac Dziani - Mayotte

    The lac Dziani - Mayotte

    © CDT Mayotte

  • Whales - Mayotte

    Whales - Mayotte

    © CDT Mayotte

  • Turtles - Mayotte

    Turtles - Mayotte

    © C.Caméo - CDT Mayotte

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Mayotte, the largest lagoon in the Indian Ocean ...

One of the main attractions of Mayotte is in the immensity of the lagoon, sometimes with more than 4 km between the coast and the barrier, and up to 70 m deep in places. Sheltered from the fury of the ocean is a haven for very diverse flora and fauna. Whales, dolphins, turtles and fish were not wrong to come and live in these protective living walls. Natural aquarium in which small colourful and deep sea fish coexist harmoniously in an environment of coral reefs, underwater viewing with bottle or fins, mask and snorkel provides an exuberant flora and fauna.

More than a hundred white sand beaches, black or tan divide the coasts of the island. About thirty islets dot the lagoon. This alone justifying a trip to Mayotte, the islands of the South or North embody the image of the vaunted idyllic lagoon surrounded by white sand.

Another curiosity, mangroves, which are the last primary forests with over 700 hectares in area. They are real natural defences against the effects of pollution on the lagoon and allow the survival of marine species.

Mayotte, the lagoon island was recognized in 2010 in the EDEN Awards on “Touring and Aquatic areas”. These are so many reasons to come and discover one of the European tourist Destinations of ExcelleNce in France

Discovering Mayotte

  • Mont Choungui
  • The S-Pass reservation
  • The Coconi botanical garden
  • The Lac Dziani
  • Plantations of ylang-ylang
  • Safari in the preserved islets
  • Saziley Reserve
  • Exploring the mangrove
  • Land and water activities

More information

Dates for your dairy

Traditions are rich and living in Mayotte, the result of a mixed culture.  Many events are organized around its culture and ancient history. If you're in Mayotte this summer, it is essential to attend a wedding celebration, a major event in the life of a native. 

How to get there

4 airlines serve Mayotte from Paris and major provincial cities.

Air Austral
Air Madagascar
Kenya Airways

Contact and useful links

CDT Mayotte branch in Paris (open to the public)
33, Avenue de l’Opéra – 75002 Paris
Tel : 00 33 (0)1 55 03 03 03

CDT Mayotte branch in La Réunion (open to the public)
19, rue Sainte-Anne – 97400 St Denis
Tel : 00 262 (0) 262 56 62 90

Practical Information

Entry requirements for nationals of:
•    France: identity card or valid passport
•    European Community: valid passport
•    For other foreign countries: valid passport with a consular visa and return ticket or a ticket for the continuation of the journey.

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