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  • In Paris every district has its tribe: whether you’re wandering around the 3rd or 16th arrondissements you’ll find that each quartier has its own style and outlook. The same goes for the city’s
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    Again this year, cycling amateurs as well as holidaymakers who found themselves "at the right place, at the right time" will be able to admire the racing cyclist all along the Tour de France.
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    It’s back! From Septemember 27 to October 5, 2016, designers will present their 2016 ready-to-wear collections in Paris . Twice a year nearly 100 shows take over Paris. The entire world is riveted by Paris Fashion Week, a must see event in the fashion world. For one week, all of Paris is...
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    Bordeaux, World Heritage at the gates of the vineyard Only one hour from Paris by plane, and three hours by train (TGV), Bordeaux is the capital of southwestern France. It is distinguished by its exceptional 18th century architecture that has earned it the title of “Little Paris” around 200 years...

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